“It is really special when you get people to back you in life.” Suzy’s story

Suzy’s life in Queensland was turned upside down when her health took a turn for the worst five years ago. She found herself unable to walk and was bedridden for three months. She lost her job, her partner and was about to lose her home.

Determined to do everything she could to get her life back on track, Suzy met with Employment Consultants, Paula and Renee at MatchWorks Redcliffe.

Paula and Renee recognised that Suzy was in dire financial hardship and supported her to undertake financial counselling. Suzy also worked on her health, fitness and wellbeing which enabled her to land a long-term job.

“I eventually got a contract with the NDIS, a new government agency, and two years later we had opportunities for a very small number of people to gain permanent positions. 182 people applied and I was one of seven awarded to it. I cried a lot and then I rang up Paula and said ‘hey, guess what!’,” Suzy said.

Watch Suzy’s inspiring story about rebuilding her life and finding her “good ending”.