“I have found purpose in my life.” Cheryl’s story

Two ladies standing against a wall having their photo taken and smiling

Cheryl has found a life-changing job after almost two decades of looking for paid work.

The Norwood job seeker had been unemployed for eighteen years when she first came to MatchWorks in 2021. Depression, anxiety, diabetes and lower limb deficiencies were all barriers to work for the single mother of one. Cheryl’s confidence had hit rock bottom

“I was looking for work and getting knock-back after knock-back,” Cheryl said. “I had years and years of rejection.”

Cheryl began volunteering 30 hours a week to help manage her mental health over this time.

Eventually, she found a team who would help turn her life around. As a leader in Disability Employment Services, MatchWorks 20 years of experience and well-established suite of support was a perfect complement to Cheryl’s high-level needs.

MatchWorks connected Cheryl to their Health and Wellbeing professional who helped Cheryl:

• Overcome her fear of getting a job and then losing it.

• Step outside her comfort zone.

• Reframed persistent negative thoughts to gain a positive outlook.

The Employment team also helped Cheryl produce an effective resume; found an opportunity with a supportive employer; and coached her through the interview process. Today, Cheryl is a cleaner for childcare centres and takes great pride in her work. The self-confessed perfectionist has impressed management with her high standards.

The MatchWorks team continues to support Cheryl by helping her confidently communicate with her employer and set achievable standards of work.

“We have helped her to identify that she is doing well and support her to reframe her thinking so she can better manage her anxiety and self-belief,” Erin Merkel, MatchWorks Ongoing Support said. “The growth she has shown is fantastic.”

“It’s comforting to know I have a sounding board, someone to talk to,” Cheryl said. “I feel that I can keep my job because of the ongoing support from MatchWorks. I don’t believe I could keep it if I was on my own.”

Stable employment has given Cheryl more than renewed confidence. It has enabled the single mum to purchase her first car and find financial independence and freedom.

“I feel satisfied that I have earned money and can pay rent and bills, pay for my car and take responsibility,” Cheryl said.

“I can now give back to my community and be a good role model for my daughter who is proud of me and now working herself. I have found purpose in my life.”