“I am more than happy!” Rose’s story

Rose loved working, however caring responsibilities and limited education and English made it difficult to find the right job. In her words, hear how Rose found the job opportunity that is enabling her to start saving for retirement.

Rose said she feels more connected with her community now that she is working and her self-confidence has grown.

Rose’s life in Africa

“I was born in Sudan and have no memory of my mother. My grandmother took care of me until I was 7-year-old… After my grandmother passed away, my uncle took me in but his wife did not believe in education. I was doing cooking and cleaning in the house and I thought it was a really good life. Until I was 16 years old and moved to Australia.”

The early days in Australia

“I could not speak any English… I went to church every weekend and all of us would have a chat about our week. It was my biggest fear back then and feeling embarrassed was an understatement. I could not understand one word, let alone talk about myself. I slowly acquired more language skills as my daughter went to school and I attended some English classes.

“I started working in aged care and housekeeping and enjoyed the work a lot. Then I ran a family day-care in my house for some time in 2015 for two years… Since my daughter had a baby, I have been looking after both of them and providing support.”

Finding encouragement and support

Rose with Lana from the Gungahlin team in the ACT.

“I always wanted to work, I loved working but I could not pass the interviews because of my English proficiency and my confidence certainly took a hit. On top of that, I needed work that would fit in with my caring responsibilities… It is not easy to commit to employment and juggle both.

“Sandy, Lana and the team always encouraged me in the process of job hunting when I doubted myself.  MatchWorks actively looked out for me and contacted me every time when they found something that was suitable for me… Finally, they got me a cleaning job that I did not need to go through the traditional interview process to prove that I can perform in the role.”

Rose with her Employment Consultant, Sandy.

Rose finds happiness and confidence

“I am more than happy! I know how to use GPS and Google Maps now! I can get out of the house to do something different, to meet new people and have new experiences. I feel more in touch with our society unlike before and the most important bit – I tell people that ‘I need to go to work today’ and I feel really good about myself.

“The other day I checked my super that you get after retirement… I have got $100 in it! I did not know I could have this financial security when I get old. I hope when my granddaughter goes to childcare next year, I could learn more English and work full-time and then I can watch it grow more and more!”

Congratulations Rose!

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