Healthcare security job helps Leanne rebuild her life

Finding a new career in healthcare security has been a life-saver for Leanne.

Three years earlier, the 55 year job seeker had made the difficult decision to leave her job. Tendinitis had impacted her ability to work. Then a serious fall put Leanne’s new work plans on hold.

“I hated sitting at home and was feeling depressed and worthless,” Leanne said.

“My marriage had broken down and I’d lost my motivation to do anything. It was horrible.”

Leanne (right) with Emily from our Noarlunga team, who helped support Leanne back to work.

Rebuilding her self-esteem

Connecting with Emily and Deb from our Noarlunga office was a turning point for Leanne. They helped the mature-age job seeker recognise her compassionate nature was ideal for helping others. The MatchWorks team also provide practical and emotional support to help make her day-to-day life a little easier.  

“Emily and Deb made me feel so much better about myself and I looked forward to getting out of the house to go and see them,” Leanne said.

“I was struggling so bad at one point, so they gave me food vouchers and clothing for interviews. They also helped me get financial assistance so I could buy a car to get to work.”

Finding new motivation

With newfound confidence and the right support, Leanne completed training in Aged Care and Security. Yet a 12-week wait for her security licence meant Leanne needed to keep herself motivated for a few months. Determined not to go backwards, Leanne made the most of her time by volunteering with Impact Church. She also participated in MatchWorks Velocity Day, and shared her positive energy with others.

“Velocity Day was great – I got to meet others who were motivated too and that helped motivate me,” Leanne said.  

Job success

Once the security licence came through, the team started promoting Leanne to potential employers. It was only a matter of weeks before Leanne had her first 12-hour shift, minding patients in a local hospital.

“I’m so rapt to be working again,” Leanne said.

“Now I get to talk to people every day, I help nurses and doctors and I’m making new friends.

“I no longer feel depressed and have a purpose that’s bigger than just focusing on myself – I could spend the next ten years doing this!”

Leanne believes never looking back and being determined were key reasons why she is where she is today.

“Never give up and never look back. Believe in yourself and show as much motivation as they [Employment Consultants] do.

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Velocity Day is a MatchWorks initiative and part of the Australian Government’s New Employment Services Trial and jobactive service.