Hard work and positive attitude pays off for Sunshine job seeker

Sunshine job seeker Robert came to MatchWorks in November 2016 with no paid employment history and facing significant barriers.

The 43-year-old was starting to feel frustrated and believed his past background was hindering his job opportunities.

Rob and IDS National Manager Daniel Staff.

Rob and IDS National Manager Daniel Staff.

Despite his frustration, Rob had a positive attitude and developed a plan with MatchWorks employment consultant Karen Mackintosh to find employment.

“I called one of my employers, Industrial Decontamination Services (IDS), and advised them of his background and how desperate he was just to be given an opportunity. I asked IDS if they could help Rob as he needed a current employment reference to get a job. We assisted with a wage subsidy and they created a position for him for 20 hours a week,” Karen said.

“IDS has advised that Rob is fantastic. They love the initiative he has and that he is not scared to get in and work hard. They expressed that he is always early and helps out in all departments without being asked.”

Rob has been in employment for more than two months and IDS has offered him a permanent casual position and more hours.