Geelong job seekers show off culinary skills

Parents from the Geelong region have been enrolled by MatchWorks in a fun 7-week cooking course as part of the MatchWorks Principal Carer Parent Program.

The parents, who are preparing to return to work, are completing the home cooking course at Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Geelong in order to develop skills required to make healthy meals for their families in a time efficient manner. Last week they learnt how to cook chicken fajitas from scratch.

Participants showing off their cooking skills at Jamie's Ministry of Food in Geelong.

Participants showing off their cooking skills at Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Geelong.

MatchWorks Executive Director Renae Lowry said the 17-week Principal Carer Parent Program, which began in February, was aimed at providing entry level work skills to the participants, including job search assistance and employability skills.

“Participants are also working on building healthy relationships, developing sustainable life skills, the importance of good role models and utilising personal goal attainment to progress to employment,” she said.

“The cooking element of the program is useful for working parents as they can better plan, make healthy choices and ensure that the family maintains a good routine in their everyday lives.”

The Principal Carer Parent Program has received funding from the Australian Government, Department of Employment and is open to participants from all jobactive providers.