From homeless to community support worker – Kerry’s story

Kerry knows all too well what it feels like to desperately need support and a job.

The mature-age job seeker found herself in real financial trouble after her marriage ended. Then depression and agoraphobia set in.

“No-one wanted to employ me even though I had years of experience…I ended up homeless, surviving on one meal a day,” Kerry said.

The Torquay job seeker needed dedicated support to get life back on track. That’s where MatchWorks stepped in with tailored employment services and financial assistance.  

Life changing support and a new qualification

“We advised Kerry to retrain in aged care so she could boost her employability,” MatchWorks Employment Consultant, Leanne McPherson said.

“At first she resisted strongly…then homelessness loomed again and it was the motivation Kerry needed to finish her course.”         

Kerry said she got life-changing support from MatchWorks once she proved herself.

“Leanne stood by me the whole way and believed in me and encouraged me to keep going,” she said.

“MatchWorks paid for car repairs so I could keep my job. They paid for my rego and petrol, medication, dental work, glasses and food vouchers – it gave me back my life!”

Kerry [centre] with Leanne McPherson and Nick Hallam from MatchWorks .

Finding a new career

With some of the burdens removed, Kerry could focus on finding the right job. She successfully landed a Community Support role at Simply Helping, a company she describes as progressive and one that values mature-age employees. Kerry now enjoys giving back to her community.

“It’s the best job ever. These people [Simply Helping clients] are really doing it tough and I want to give back after all the support I received,” Kerry said.

“They make my day and I know I am making their day too.”

Kerry is currently completing her Certificate III in Individual Care and Certificate IV in Disability. Her goal is to become a Coordinator in the disability sector.

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