Finding the confidence to face the world

Dane’s story is a great example of how a personalised approach can help change a life.

The young Brisbane job seeker was experiencing major social anxiety when he first came to MatchWorks in 2018. Yet, with patience and understanding from his employment team, Dane has found happiness and ongoing work at Coles.

Feeling isolated and alone

“Sometimes, we would only get a few words from Dane at appointments,” MatchWorks Employer Solutions Consultant, Wayne Delamont said.

“He would isolate himself at home and could go weeks without communicating with anyone.

“After many conversations, we were able to understand that Dane was a very caring and compassionate person, and craved acceptance within society.” 

Building trust was a key part to helping Dane move forward. Over time, he felt comfortable to open up and set some job goals with the team.

Dane (right) with Employer Solutions Consultant, Wayne Delamont.

Dane’s transformation

“Dane’s main goal was to work in a customer service role, so we helped him enrol in a Certificate III in Retail and he was a standout student in the course,” Wayne said.

In addition, the team helped Dane:

  • Prepare a resume that got him hired.
  • Build his interview skills.
  • Gain new job searching techniques.

Yet, the real turning point came when he attended the Confidence is Key Workshop facilitated by MatchWorks Project Coordinator, Lisa Bowers.

 “The transformation we witnessed from Dane was nothing short of a miracle,” Lisa said.

“He developed the confidence to face the world and hasn’t looked back.”

Finding the right job for Dane

According to Dane, the collaborative team approach made the biggest difference to his experience. 

“The journey we went through was exactly what I needed to find the right job for me,” Dane said. 

“Janine was understanding and friendly. Sharon provided direction without being overwhelming. Wayne personalised the experience so the course was tailored to my personality and requirements, and Lisa had the exact skill-set that would help me make decisions to find work.

“My role involves minimal social contact, which suits me very well and I enjoy the environment I work in.”

Dane shared that a stable job and less pressure is helping him live a more peaceful and tolerable life.

“It means when there are bumps along the way, the stress doesn’t reach meltdown point like it used to,” he said.

Congratulations Dane. The MatchWorks team are proud to have been part of your journey.

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