Dylan finds serenity with supportive employer

Returning to full-time employment wasn’t easy for Dylan, but after almost six months at Serenity Bedding in south east Melbourne, he has found his groove.

Dylan moved to Melbourne from Tasmania in late 2016, and struggled to find ongoing work as he dealt with health problems. He didn’t have a car licence, had no resume and had no support network.

MatchWorks helped Dylan get job-ready by developing his resume and organising professional counselling services to help him work through some personal issues.

Dylan initially struggled to commit to training courses and had low self-esteem, but he managed to secure a few weeks of work with an employer in December, 2017.

The turning point came a few months later when Dylan took on a role as a process worker with Serenity Bedding. The partnership proved a perfect fit, and with support from the employer and MatchWorks, Dylan has been consistently working 76 hours a fortnight.

Serenity Bedding’s Simon Cowen, left, with MatchWorks job seeker Dylan

Serenity Bedding’s Simon Cowen said he was proud of the way Dylan had applied himself.

“Dylan is showing exceptional commitment and has demonstrated significant improvement in developing the skills required to meet the demands of the role,” Simon said.

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