Diversity as a business advantage

Southern Cross Cleaning prides themselves on providing five-star service to their commercial clients across Australia. For this family-owned business, finding reliable, trustworthy staff who can perform to a high standard is a must.

To make this happen, management have embraced diversity recruitment solutions and are a shining example of how hiring people with disability doesn’t just help the individual – it helps the business too.

Luke Buick, Area Manager for the Southern Adelaide region, has partnered with MatchWorks to offer eight cleaning roles for people with disability over the past year.

“Everyone deserves a fair go and some of my best cleaners have been recruited through MatchWorks Disability Employment Services. These roles are harder than you think and I want to give them the best chance to succeed,” Luke said.

“Scott is one of our school cleaners and wasn’t in a good place when he first started. Yet, he was eager to work and I had a good feeling about him. We spent the time training him well and with ongoing support, he has become one of the best in the team.

“Another employee is Matthew and he lives with autism. I knew straight away that he would be fantastic for the job. He gets the job done well and the staff at the local Happy Valley School love Matthew – working each day has changed him.”

Luke says the support offered pre and post-employment has made the process smooth for him and his staff.

“MatchWorks has been a great support, always helping out with queries and onsite training as needed. It makes me feel proud that I can help change someone’s life and contribute to the success of a company by hiring loyal and competent staff who work hard.”

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