Dane’s dream job brings happiness

A rewarding job in hairdressing has been life-changing for Dane, who is profoundly deaf.

After arriving in Australia from Turkey in 2010, Dane dreamed of working in hairdressing. She had the right qualifications from her home-country and Australia. Yet, her English was limited and no one would hire her.

“When I first met Dane in February last year, she was bored working in her father’s kebab shop and needed purpose,” MatchWorks Sunshine Disability Employment Services Site Manager, Isil Lange said.

“Dane was really passionate about hairdressing and had the drive and skills. What she needed was someone to help her overcome communication barriers so she could become independent.”

Accessing employment assistance

Isil discovered Dane’s local hairdresser had a Turkish heritage and was open to hiring someone with disability. By March 2021, MatchWorks had supported Dane and the employer by:

• Organising an Auslan interpreter to help Dane settle into her new workplace.
• Arranging an Occupational Therapist assessment to make Dane’s work days easier.
• Purchasing an iPad through Job Access to assist with communication.

Then COVID hit and the business was forced to temporarily close.

“It was a lonely time for Dane,” Isil said.

A new future

Once restrictions eased in October 2021, Dane started back at the salon.

Eight months on, Dane’s mother Lutfiye shared that Dane’s life had improved dramatically since working at Endless Hair. As Dane’s nominee, Lutfiye also said the support received from MatchWorks helped her too.

“Having a provider that has taken the time to listen, guide and support Dane has made her life a lot easier,” Lutfiye said.

“Dane now has purpose and is very happy in her dream job. She’s more energetic and happy…it’s been a life changer.”