Brayden’s job helps improve his mental health

Brayden suffered from depression and anxiety throughout his teenage years. This made it difficult for him to find work after he finished high school.

“The anxiety side of things makes it hard to put yourself out there and get into the workforce. So when I first turned up to MatchWorks I was very lost,” Brayden said.

Yet the young job seeker was eager to start working. He turned up two weeks early for his appointment with Disability Employment Consultant, Belinda at MatchWorks, Ballarat.

“Belinda sat down and worked out what work I liked to do and offered me different jobs. I tried a few things along the lines before I was offered a part-time gig here and it’s evolved into this,” Brayden said.

“So here at Cameron’s I deliver mainly the industrial and medical gases out to site. What I like about this job is that I get out and about a lot. I’m not just stuck inside at a desk. I am feeling a lot better about myself now that I am in a full-time job surrounded by lovely co-workers.”

Watch Brayden’s inspiring story about finding the right job and better mental health.

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