Biodiversity Australia job helps change Cameron’s future

Cameron Saunders is a proud Indigenous man who recently found purpose and a job filled with opportunity at Biodiversity Australia.

The Brisbane job seeker had been unemployed for more than three years when he came to MatchWorks in February this year. The team encouraged Cameron to join our Deadly Yakka employment program, and with the right support, he found the confidence and motivation to change his future.

“When we first met Cameron, he felt unsupported and was very withdrawn,” MatchWorks Indigenous Employment Consultant, Karen Muir said.

“He wanted to work, but needed help to move forward. So we worked with Cameron to connect him to his mob, and overcome things that were holding him back.”

Cameron initially felt apprehensive about socialising with other Deadly Yakka participants. Yet he soon came out of his shell once he found his spirits were lifted.

“Deadly Yakka helped me start feeling good about myself and my future,” Cameron said.

“It gave me hope and for the first time in a long time, I had a purpose to find work that connected me to the land.”

The team assisted Cameron with a new resume and coaching to polish his interview and networking skills. He also received practical support including interview clothing and a mobile phone.

Then, in mid-March, Cameron was asked to interview for a Field Worker role with environmental management company, Biodiversity Australia. He was offered the job on the spot.

“I was over the moon,” Cameron said.

“This job has changed my life and the future of my young daughter.

“I am helping look after the habitat and working up to a Team Leader role. This is a job that takes you places.”

Congratulations to Cameron for achieving so much within a few short months.

Cameron on the job as a Field Worker at Biodiversity Australia

National Reconciliation Week

It’s National Reconciliation Week, a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements. This year’s theme – ‘In This Together’ – reminds us that every one of us has a role to play when it comes to reconciliation. Building relationships and communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories and cultures is key to achieving a more just, equitable and reconciled nation.