Better Together Conference creates community links

MatchWorks and genU Ability had 10 staff members attend the two-day Better Together conference last Friday and Saturday at the Williamstown Town Hall.

The conference explored current issues facing the LGBTIQ+ community, bringing together voices from Aboriginal communities, people with disability, the deaf community, as well as multicultural and multi-faith communities. More than 700 people attended the conference including those that identify as part of the rainbow community, allies and a range of health and community service organisations.

The goal of the Better Together conference is to create a truly inter-sectional discussion about achieving social and cultural change to create a fairer, more equal and more just Australia. Better Together is a space for LGBTIQA+ people to be heard, and it’s an opportunity to establish meaningful connections so we can work collaboratively to cultivate positive change.

With over 70 sessions available over the two-day conference, presenters and panel facilitators provided some fantastic discussion points and it was a great development opportunity for all who attended.

A broad range of issues facing the LGBTIQ+ community were discussed at the Better Together conference in Melbourne.

IMAGE: Adrian Tuazon Photography