An act of kindness in challenging times

In these uncertain times, it’s heart-warming to hear stories of people showing kindness and compassion despite their own challenges.

Raj Patel, General Manager of Best Western Olde Maritime is one of these people. He recently heard Jacob’s story and was compelled to assist.

kindness and compassion

Jacob’s spirits were lifted after receiving a generous art voucher from Raj.

Homelessness and mental health issues were some of challenges Jacob had been working through with the MatchWorks team. Then COVID-19 hit and made life even more difficult for the Warrnambool job seeker.

One of the ways Jacob had been looking after his wellbeing was through art and story-telling. Then his projector broke and the Indigenous job seeker found himself feeling depressed and low in confidence.

Raj could relate to Jacob’s situation. He knew all too well what it was like to feel low and have nowhere to live. When he arrived in Australia, he had little more than the clothes on his back. Aware that Jacob’s mental health was declining, Raj generously donated a $250 art supplies voucher to help lift the spirits of the job seeker so he could start getting life back on track.

Jacob was blown away by this act of kindness. He left the MatchWorks office a completely different person and can now afford to replace his much-needed projector.

A big thank you to Raj for his generosity and care at a difficult time.