Adelaide job seekers fast-tracking their way to work

Adelaide job seekers are accelerating their way to work with the help of MatchWorks as part of the Australian Government’s new jobactive employment services trial, which will redesign the way services are delivered.

Under the new jobactive trial, job seekers who are job-ready and digitally literate will initially access online tools and services, and contact centre support to help them find work. Job seekers who need extra support will access a mix of online and face-to-face support, while the job seekers who need the most assistance will receive individualized support to give them the best chance of connecting with employment.

The trial was rolled out in two regions including Adelaide South in July this year, with job providers and job seekers part of the system redesign. This was to ensure the next generation of employment services met the diverse needs of employers and unemployed Australians.

MatchWorks Executive General Manager Renae Lowry said the new model will enable staff to deliver more innovative and tailored support solutions to job seekers.

MatchWorks Executive General Manager Renae Lowry said the new model will enable staff to deliver more innovative and tailored support solutions to job seekers.

“Every job seeker comes to us with their own story and it’s our job to give them the time to understand and work through solutions,” Renae said.

“Servicing job ready and digitally literate clients online means we can enhance our service level to job seekers and employers.”

Recently, 145 job seekers had the opportunity to accelerate their journey to work at a MatchWorks Velocity Day Expo – a trial program in line with the new service delivery model. Job seekers had access to a free makeover and gained practical advice and skills to become job-ready. The event also gave participants the opportunity to network with potential employers and fast-track their way to the right job.

Adelaide job seeker Olivia, 22, said attending Velocity Day gave her the motivation and skills to speak to an employer about a current vacancy.

“Usually I apply for jobs online but after attending several workshops, I had the confidence and skills to approach an employer about a role I was interested in,” Olivia said.

“The experience was invaluable and I got the job! This made the whole process of finding work a lot quicker and easier.”

Renae said Velocity Day was the first of many MatchWorks’ initiatives to be delivered as part of the trial.

“Feedback from the day was outstanding. More than a third of participants left with an interview or had enrolled in an education or pre-employment program,” Renae said.

TAFE South Australia assisted with makeovers at our recent Velocity Day for job seekers.

“We focused on creating a welcoming space and delivering support tailored to the needs of each person so they could feel positive and hopeful about their future,” she said.

Renae said MatchWorks’ Adelaide South team continued to focus on building a strong community for local job seekers.

“Activities including walking groups, community talks and employer presentations are encouraging positive shared experiences and complement the employability support provided,” Renae said.

“Our goal is to deliver better outcomes for job seekers looking for a brighter future.”

Collaborations with innovative community organisations like Code like a Girl will drive future MatchWorks initiatives to support the trial. MatchWorks will also host another Velocity Day Expo next month.

For more information, please contact Sophy Chirnside: or call 03 5229 7886.