Adelaide job seeker overcomes obstacles to find employment

Health and personal difficulties were holding Adelaide job seeker Leanne back from performing well in her current employment.

But Leanne wanted to turn that around, so she came to MatchWorks Oaklands Park as a voluntary job seeker in October 2015.

MatchWorks Adelaide job seeker Leanne.

MatchWorks Adelaide job seeker Leanne.

She was previously working in a hospitality role until 2013, before being diagnosed with a medical condition that caused fatigue and tiredness. Leanne was also going through the unexpected death of a family member and had to leave her employment to support family during a difficult time.

But after nearly two years out of the workforce, Leanne felt it was the right time to go back and worked with MatchWorks Employment Consultant Luke Wagner.

“We worked together to determine some potential career path opportunities in admin or finance based on her past employment history,” Luke said.

“Leanne also participated in the Destination Work program to look at current interview strategies, accessing the job market and other skills to set her up for success.”

Leanne was a keen reader and self-confessed spell checker, so MatchWorks Business Development Consultant Ted Ditching organised a meeting with DoctorZed Publishing.

Leanne said she was excited by the opportunity to work in the publishing industry and the employer, Scott, was understanding and developed a work from home role.

The two meet regularly over Skype to discuss necessary tasks. This working arrangement allows Leanne to work hours that are convenient for her medical condition, often logging in at 3am.

Leanne recently celebrated 12 months with DoctorZed Publishing and is thankful for the ongoing support from MatchWorks team members.