Mutual obligations return for Vic job seekers

As of today, Monday 23 November, mutual obligation requirements have returned for Victorian job seekers. This brings Victoria in line with all other states and territories, excluding South Australia.

Victorian job seekers will now be required to complete mutual obligations over the phone or online to continue receiving support payments.

What that means for you

If you’re a Victorian job seeker, you are now required to:

  • participate in appointments via phone or online servicing
  • review and agree to a Job Plan
  • conduct eight job searches each month
  • participate in online activities
  • accept suitable paid work.
Access MatchWorks services online or over the phone

Your MatchWorks Consultant will discuss your requirements with you at your next appointment and make sure you have all the tools you need to meet your obligations.

At this stage, our Victorian offices remain closed and remote servicing is available.  

Please note, exemptions for special circumstances will continue to be available from Services Australia (Centrelink) for job seekers. This includes people directly impacted by COVID‑19.

Mutual obligations for other states and territories

South Australia

Between Wednesday 18 November to Sunday 29 November inclusive, mutual obligations are not required for South Australian job seekers. This means there are no suspensions or penalties during this time.

Our SA teams are still operating over the phone or online so please get in contact if you need assistance.

Other states and territories

All other states and territories returned to mutual obligations on the 28 September 2020. For more details about mutual obligations across Australia, visit

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about your mutual obligations or are concerned about meeting the requirements, please contact MatchWorks as soon as possible. We’re here to help.

Finding a job

We work with job seekers from all backgrounds, ages and abilities. So whether you’re qualified and experienced or need tailored support to reach your goals, we can assist.

We can talk you through which industries are currently recruiting, and help you identify transferrable skills and training opportunities.  Our priority is helping you find and keep a job so you can build a better life.

Find out more here.

COVID-19 Safety

All MatchWorks sites are operating in line with genU’s COVID safety protocols [genU is our parent company].

Our Victorian and South Australian offices are currently closed and remote servicing via phone or online is available.

Sites in other states and territories will have their safety requirements clearly displayed. Some offices have limits to the number of people allowed in the space at one time and face masks may need to be worn. Your Employment Consultant can provide further guidance.

If you’re more comfortable with a phone call or online appointment, please let your Employment Consultant know.

Stay safe and stay well.