MatchWorks is tackling youth unemployment head on with its XLR8 program.

Over a four-week period, job seekers aged 15 to 21 years learn how to engage with their local community and gain skills and confidence to overcome barriers to finding a job.

Participants leave the program with improved self-esteem and charged with the know-how to find traineeships and/or meaningful long-term work.

On the right track

MatchWorks’ XLR8 courses deliver:

  • support and mentoring for job seekers
  • motivational guest speakers to talk about nutrition, fitness, legal issues, licensing and training courses
  • increased self-esteem and motivation to work
  • increased self-awareness and transferable skills
  • presentations on how to use technology to search and apply for work
  • advice on developing effective resumes, application letters and interview techniques
  • individual guidance on developing realistic and achievable employment goals
  • interview clothing and haircuts, if needed
  • opportunities to meet with employers and apprenticeship providers.

An added bonus of the XLR8 program is the chance to take part in a genU Training hospitality skill set course.