Is your family or household looking for intensive assistance to get work?

Then Welcome to the Colac Family Group Employment Project!

It’s free and you’ll have access to an advisor who will work with you and your family/household of 2 or more to prepare for lasting employment and to connect services. This program provides whole of household employment assistance, taking into account individual and group needs, and includes youth of working age who are not attending school.

We assist the whole group with:

 Childcare Options
 Accredited and Non-Accredited Training
 Apprenticeships or traineeships
 Connecting support services
 Individual and family’s goal achievement
 Funding for training and employment related needs
 Ongoing support in employment

Enquire today for the program commencing May 2018

Email: or phone: 0477 002 730

The program will run at: Community Hub Inc.
34 Connor Street, COLAC VIC 3250