Plan ahead and succeed by having the right number of staff with the right skills in the right jobs at the right time. Workforce planning helps recognise current and future staffing needs.

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What is a workforce plan?

A workforce plan is your employment road-map.

The plan makes sure you create job roles and hire employees for meeting current and future business goals. At the same time, it tells you how to train and develop existing employees’ skills so they continue contributing to your organisation’s success.

Importantly, it outlines your recruitment, internal deployment and succession planning strategies. Therefore, ensuring you avoid surpluses and shortages in staff skill sets.

Why is it important?

We live in an ever-changing world. New technologies, changes in government policies and other events can affect the type and volume of staff you need over time. Sometimes, seasonal changes in your business can also influence your staffing needs.

A workforce plan helps you successfully manage the ups and downs in your business. Therefore, allowing you to respond quickly and appropriately if outside influences impact your business’ workflow or profitability.

A plan clearly guides your managers and staff on future expectations and performance requirements so you remain an efficient and productive business.

How do I develop a workforce plan?

Your workforce plan reflects your business strategy.  Therefore, it should:

  • include your current staff skill sets and expertise
  • identify if these are consistent with your organisation’s current and future needs
  • consider workforce gaps and determine how to overcome them
  • develop strategies to match your workforce with your future needs
  • set targets to measure your strategy’s success.

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