Podcast series shares tips to succeed in a changing job market

MatchWorks has partnered with 88.6 Plenty Valley FM to deliver ‘Employable You’, a radio podcast series to help the growing number of job seekers find work in a changing job market.

When it comes to job hunting in uncertain times, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Each week, journalist Matt Christie chats to MatchWorks experts about ways to make yourself more employable and confident.

Kristen and Sahar talked about shine in your job interview.

The series shares practical tips and resources for each step of the job search process. In addition to the usual resume, cover letter and interview skill tips, key job hunting topics essential for success are covered including:

  • The hidden job market and which industries are hiring.
  • Looking after your health and wellbeing.
  • The importance of routines.
  • Advice for youth and mature-age job seekers.
  • Advice for people with an injury, health condition or disability.

Jess and Sahar shared presentation and grooming tips for job interviews.

The ‘Employable You’ series

Click the links below to listen each episode.

Episode 1: Where to find jobs NOW  – looking outside the square and uncovering the hidden job market

Episode 2: How to create winning resume and cover letters – tips to stand out from the crowd.

Episode 3: Top tips and tricks to ace the job interview

Episode 4: Health and wellbeing – Looking after yourself during your job search journey.

Our Senior Health and Wellbeing Consultant shared tips to help you manage anxiety and depression while you job search.

Episode 5: Upskilling, reskilling and tapping into transferable skills to help you change your career.

Episode 6: Dress to impress – presentation skills to make a great first impression (covers what to wear and general grooming including hair and makeup.)

Episode 7: Breaking down barriers to employment (includes support services that can assist.) 

Episode 8: Friday 7 August
Focusing on your ability – the value people with disability bring to the workplace. 

Episode 9: Friday 14 August
Advice to young job seekers and finding work as a mature age job seeker.

Episode 10: Friday 21 August
Building new routines, setting yourself up for success and what should you do on your first day of work in your new job.

Episode 11: Friday 28 August
Focusing on your ability and the value people with disability bring to the workplace.

Each episodes was live from the studios of 88.6 Plenty Valley FM.